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C&G IT; BTEC Business Studies; BSc Hons Grad - Dipl Lit - published writer and poet working on play. Masters Ed

Worthy of Investigation?

It occurred to me – as my diabetes meds chewed upon my liver – that it might be fruitful for some boffin-type to investigate the corollary between the sufferers of chronic anxiety and sufferers of diabetes: how extensive is the … Continue reading

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Why is chocolate relatively inexpensive compared to alcohol in first world countries? Consider the impact of the substances on the emotional and psychological when considering.

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Equality, eh?The first thought which brought me back to blog here is that we have facilitated certain atrocities by dark humour and unthinking hyperbole – reminiscent of the society which led a certain regime to be born of Mein Kampf. … Continue reading

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There have been a swathe of reports of victims of this virus and the infected which confound the stipulated means of contagion, which led me to speculate on whether we are looking at the right time-frame for this outbreak: i.e. … Continue reading

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The kelp, plankton, and krill, which once thrived, my beasts to fill, are failing through an ailing I can’t see. And I’m unwell myself, for the continental shelf spills dread infection continuously. I suspect creatures dry have dared nature to … Continue reading

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Myths are born from humans using relatively little information and weaving it into a story which keeps fear at bay, or at least to manageable proportions – to make us feel as if we have a significant impact on the … Continue reading

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Absorb the wild and the wonderful – my contribution being a bit of both and then some, with a swipe at literary regurgitation – Best’s Cellar Steam Powered Dream Machines

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Who am I mosaic

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My short story Lucky Escape for Goldilocks Girl appears in this fantastic Steam punk collection. I think you will love the experience. Go on, give it a quick read. Under a Brass Moon

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When will the EU stick-in-the-muds pull their heads up from their conference wit the phantasmagorical ostriches and concentrate less on STATOGANDA and more on how to make Brexit work to their advantage either side of the referendum? Ever hear of … Continue reading

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