Where did September go?

And put the brakes on 2013.

I should really be pushing my latest publications: Pixels: The Cause and the Cloud Cuckoo and Mythic Blood (The Milesian Revised) as two excellent reads of Ireland past and of legend.

If I say so myself the Gortai character in Pixels represents the majority of children in Derry in the run up to and the beginning of The Troubles. It’s a myth in itself that most were out rioting or signing up for one faction or the other. Although the story of the norm isn’t as flamboyant or sensationalist as those of the combatants, it covers experiences from the perspective of the majority of the time.

Mythic… is an adaptation of the Cuchulain story surrounding The Cattle Raid of Cooley extrapolating and examining the political and emotional influences on the battle, what was so essential about the Brown Bull of Ulad. It doesn’t include the interference by The Morrigan or indicate Macha specifically as the author of the curse which incapacitates Conchobar’s armies, but interprets it on a more passionate level – vengeance.

And sure who has more right to fiddle about with Gaelic myths than an Irishman.


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