Books to illuminate and agitate

I know my latest novel, Pixels: The Cause and the Cloud Cuckoo, doesn’t ape the well-worn pattern, but instead follows the convoluted recollections of a traumatized mind of a man being assessed for mental health.

Pixels exterior

But our memories don’t really line up in real life to be related chronologically, do they. If they do … seek help. 🙂

Nor do they politely stand aside to permit current conversations or trains of thought to proceed interrupted.

No, they are cued by a sound, a sight, a scent, a taste or a touch – or such is our thought process constructed. My novel reflects this, while providing insight to the ugliness and beauty beyond the media coverage of a turbulent era in the development of Northern Ireland.

My collection of short stories, String of Misery, is a pure unleashing of the weird and disturbing.

Paladin of Tarrthala (The Dissector’s Cut) touches on raw issues in the real world before escaping temporarily to a world where conflicts are simplified – yet this simplification challenges the hero’s perception and sense of self.

The Milesian is an adaptation and application of a selection of Irish myths, woven through archaeological and historical fact. Currently out of print, but on Kindle, the second edition is in the pipeline. It contains copyright elements of story and original poetry.

Although the title “Milesian” refers to a type of Greek epic tale, the book has led to a plethora of spin-offs which either seek to rewrite Irish Mythology or correct a book of fiction. I took the title from a documentary on Newgrange and maintain copyright of all the additional elements added to the traditional myths in my original tale.


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C&G IT; BTEC Business Studies; BSc Hons Grad - Dipl Lit - published writer and poet working on play. Masters Ed
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