Chaos Fosters Progress

The more that goes on in the world the harder I find something to say, which seems contradictory until you factor in the concept of being emotionally overwhelmed. I have never agreed with the deluded notion that destruction/chaos fosters progress. It seems to me that the products of violence always present more efficient ways of stunting progress.

Advocates of that school of thought will point to the atomic bomb as being the catalyst for nuclear power plants etc – yet there was nothing nuclear in space exploration (arguably man’s greatest achievement). Today’s rockets still operate on what can be termed as basic chemistry – liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen combo for the main engines; the boosters good old solid fuel combustion.

We are pummeled by the notion that war is necessary for progress, yet the patent safes of the oil and nuclear exponents (the main engines of war) are full of designs and concepts for sustainable fuel, strong-armed from smaller manufacturers or inspired (but cash-strapped) inventors.



It’s been over two thousand years from the birth of Christ and a lot longer from when we first waged war. How exactly have we progressed in real terms? And this brings in a segue for those who don’t believe in God – something which Sir David Attenborough addressed last year – we haven’t evolved.

If we had spent less time on voting for governments who go to war for less than altruistic motives, and more time and money on research of cancer, Victoria Wood would be but one of the precious people who would still be with us.
Chaos fosters progress? NAAAAH!


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C&G IT; BTEC Business Studies; BSc Hons Grad - Dipl Lit - published writer and poet working on play. Masters Ed
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