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Intolerance to religion

I’ve decided to take offence at the latest Philadelphia ads where one angel is portrayed as a promiscuous ladette out on the town being warned to be careful about not making any more “cherubs”. Angels in my religion and in … Continue reading

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Emerging from ennui

In my spare moments I have been thinking what to call that phase between boredom and inspiration. I’ve decided to call it the “aspiration point”. Perry McDaid  

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My poem about the multi-layered pollution of the South Pacific islands appears in April/May 2016 online issue of Anak Sastra (p58/9). Please enjoy and consider.    

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Chaos Fosters Progress

The more that goes on in the world the harder I find something to say, which seems contradictory until you factor in the concept of being emotionally overwhelmed. I have never agreed with the deluded notion that destruction/chaos fosters progress. … Continue reading

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BIO Irish writer, Perry McDaid, lives in Derry under the brooding brows of Donegal hills which he occasionally hikes in search of druidic inspiration. His diverse creative writing appears internationally in the like of Aurora Wolf; Quantum; Mad Scientists Journal; … Continue reading

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Stories Appearing in Anthologies

Read my stories and others in Midnight Ghosts   and The Body By Horrified Press.

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