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It’s time this was made clear to those not mathematically minded. Emergency loan companies are not out there to help you, they are there to maximise their profits. If a company quotes 198% APR, that means that even if you … Continue reading

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Speedy Gonzalo

  Wow, that was breezy, the tortoise remarked as he stared at the stars while tourists peered out at the bent trees from bars, saying ‘Shouldn’t we go and be safe from this storm?’ as Derrymen sat and observed the … Continue reading

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Claiming your Own

Trust is a big issue for writers. It is a big deal for a publisher to present your work either as anonymous or as the wok of someone else through their own inefficiency on record-keeping. That’s why it is vitally … Continue reading

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The Fun of Flash, Mini-stories, and Microtales

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‘What the heck is he talking about?’ you ask. Flash is generally accepted as being a complete short story told in under 1000 words. They usually span from 500 as a lower limit. Mini-stories was how I was first introduced … Continue reading

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When frigid fate has honed its claws upon this stricken soul, and closed eyes can only watch for stolen dreams; when there’s always a dark obstacle to bar me from my goal – it’s then I tread the Tarmac paths … Continue reading

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