Curing Writers’ Block © Perry McDaid

I always think of writer’s block as a crowd of ideas trying to get through a revolving door at the one time from the creative foyer of the brain to the expressive thoroughfare.

As writers we can redesign the fascia and the traffic system: kick in the door and let the ideas go where they want.

The problem is that sometimes we try to edit/control our creations too soon.

Ideas don’t do queueing.

Follow the anglers craft – let the fish run until the right time to reel them in. Granted there are a lot of “fish” in “the block”, but each will gradually find its plaice … ooops … place.

How’s that for a serving of mixed metaphors?

About phoenixmartin

C&G IT; BTEC Business Studies; BSc Hons Grad - Dipl Lit - published writer and poet working on play. Masters Ed
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1 Response to Curing Writers’ Block © Perry McDaid

  1. Sherri Ellerman says:

    When it’s raining, fill the buckets…

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