STRING O’ MISERY by Perry McDaid

A small anthology of quirky short stories which would probably otherwise remain unseen. Some stories are like that. The thing to do with most writing is to work and work and work at it until it is perfected. Some just hit a brick wall and it’s best to chuck it and concentrate of the stuff with potential.

These are some of the runts of the litter which I believe someone might like. It doesn’t matter how many are touched by them. If but one person can connect, then I have achieved something with them rather than throw them on the scrap heap.

I like them, dark though most of them are. Hence the colloquial title. Anyone looking miserable here is teased by his or her friends by the cheer-up “Smile, you long string of misery”.

Tears are often followed by a smile, so have a look at


About phoenixmartin

C&G IT; BTEC Business Studies; BSc Hons Grad - Dipl Lit - published writer and poet working on play. Masters Ed
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