My short story Lucky Escape for Goldilocks Girl appears in this fantastic Steam punk collection. I think you will love the experience. Go on, give it a quick read.

Under a Brass Moon

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When will the EU stick-in-the-muds pull their heads up from their conference wit the phantasmagorical ostriches and concentrate less on STATOGANDA and more on how to make Brexit work to their advantage either side of the referendum?

Ever hear of he best of both worlds?

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Tinted Memory of Argus by Perry McDaid

An acrylic of a favourite playground of my youth through rose-tinted glasses.

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I can’t help wondering if a certain POTUS sees himself as the new Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) seeking to unite his followers in the worship of Aten, the great golden disc – which in this case would be the dollar.

If running true to form he would seek to move the administrative centre away from Washington DC and the traditional culture to a new capitol, probably in Houston, and build a great new city of the future there.

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L Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future 2016

I was fortunate enough to receive an “Honorable Mention” in this contest last year and provided with a certificate for my efforts. I tend to reticent to display such awards, playing down their significance. Maybe its time I stopped that self-derogation, Besides, not like I have a huge following here anyway.

The story “Ravensbane” is one of my favourites and has recently also been accepted for inclusion in the Horrified Press/13 o’clock Press anthology “Sacrifice” which is still pipelining at this time.


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My short story, One Last Drag, had been accepted by 13 o’clock Press for this anthology which did well in the P&E poll for 2016.

As per Dorothy Davies

17 January 2017


Horrified Press Wrote:

Congratulations to Thirteen O’Clock Press editors George Wilhite and Dorothy Davies. Horror anthology ‘Death & Decorations’ finished top 10 in the P & E readers poll this year.

Also congrats to authors RJ Meldrum, Ken L Jones, Olivia Arieti, Rie Sheridan Rose, Perry McDaid, Dianne Arrelle, Edward Cooke, Anusha VR, John McCallum Swain, Matthew Wilson, Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Maria Mitchell, C A Kerr, Stanley Webb, Bruce Markuson, James Pyne, DJ Tyrer, Thomas M Malafarina, Rick McQuiston, Nick Manzolillo, Diane Arrelle, John Howe, L L Hill, Shane Ward, David M. Hoenig, John H Dromey, K R Smith, Roy C Booth and William Tucker, and Dorothy Davies.

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Christmas Reads

Excellent stocking fillers for the readers in the family:

Pixels: The Cause and the Cloud Cuckoo

Mythic Blood (The Milesian Revised)

Paladin of Tarrthála (Dissector’s Cut)

String o’ Misery (Short Stories to creep you out)

Ruby Silver – The Irish Anthology (poetry)

Cardboard City Opera (poetry)

Victims and Angels (poetry)

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