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While I’m at it… LOCKDOWN

The notion of discriminating against hospitality outlets which serve alcohol is purely arbitrary with no basis in science – geared purely for the preference of non-drinkers.
There is NOTHING stopping someone getting pissed at home before going out to any venue (or even sneaking drinks in) and causing exactly the same ruckus and making exactly the same poor choices gov is using as a premise to exclude pubs from the relaxed lockdown.

In a pub the landlord keeps a tight rein on who is served and who is not. ONLY the irresponsible pub owners permit overindulgence and they are in the vast minority.

This “Brave New World” espouses the battle against discrimination UNTIL it suits them. HYPOCRITES.

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Worthy of Investigation?

It occurred to me – as my diabetes meds chewed upon my liver – that it might be fruitful for some boffin-type to investigate the corollary between the sufferers of chronic anxiety and sufferers of diabetes: how extensive is the subset where people suffer from both.

I ponder because adrenaline and insulin are both produced by the pancreas, and it occurred that panic attacks/chronic anxiety which are death on production of adrenaline (pump out a lot of fight or flight hormone) might overtax the same organ which regulates body sugar by insulin …. forcing the medical community to stimulate the liver to regulate the sugar levels instead via meds.

Such notions come to me in my sleep … and I only voice the least ridiculous-sounding.

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Why is chocolate relatively inexpensive compared to alcohol in first world countries?

Consider the impact of the substances on the emotional and psychological when considering.
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Equality, eh?The first thought which brought me back to blog here is that we have facilitated certain atrocities by dark humour and unthinking hyperbole – reminiscent of the society which led a certain regime to be born of Mein Kampf.

I am an Irish catholic. Certain acts and supposedly innate life choices are an anathema to me, yet like most I grew up joking about those same scenarios because it was the trend to dilute the dread with humour; because it was outrageous and rebellious teenage talk; and because I was immature and naive enough NOT to consider that such talk can normalise just about anything to the point that those with an agenda can sneak it into the realm of acceptability.

It has now become illegal via political correctness to speak out against some of these EVIL practices which provided the thin edge of the wedge for out and out atrocities championed by an ancient sick and pervasive faction of the powerful in this dying civilisation.

Even the word “decadent” – much used by the media in dramas to represent the communist representation of western society has been thus robbed of its impact and import, while capitalism had been drummed in as everything good, proud and free.

The Irish Government has legalised non-medical abortion so as not to inconvenience women who want to kill the unborn by having to travel., supplying them with the myth that such children are only groups of cells and a part of their bodies to be dealt with according to their whim.

Homosexuality has not only been sanctioned but given the legal stick to beat Christian businesses and people into submission to their whims – simple moral people having to actually go to court to uphold their own rights in the face of such.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/- Equality, eh? dMAwZlaHDZ8/W1kb1J4rdnI/AAAAAAAAprI/ebut6rd70AsmE9Z7bH1Cl8pBsHGQFBBrACLcBGAs/s1600/netanyahu%2Band%2Bpigs.jpg
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There have been a swathe of reports of victims of this virus and the infected which confound the stipulated means of contagion, which led me to speculate on whether we are looking at the right time-frame for this outbreak: i.e. is it a delayed-action virus which lies dormant for a while in the body until optimum conditions trigger its virulence.

Example – For the last year I’ve had niggling flu-like symptoms which I couldn’t seem to shake and have had similar reported to me by friends. We all shrug this off a a “bug going around” and assume its a series of unrelated “colds” rather than the one time-release virus.

Is it at all conceivable that this sort of thing – or indeed this itself – which is Covid and it’s just sneakier than we thought (metaphorically) and that failure to pin down the reason for it sprouting up in so many countries at once is actually the failure to address the right time-frame?
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The kelp, plankton, and krill,
which once thrived, my beasts to fill,
are failing through an ailing I can’t see.

And I’m unwell myself,
for the continental shelf
spills dread infection continuously.

I suspect creatures dry
have dared nature to defy,
taken much for granted their right to be.

For rocks moan of an ache,
and I hope for all our sakes
that these humans can cure our frailty.

But they I fear – insane –
forget I feed all their rain,
and for a vital world, need healthy me.

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Myths are born from humans using relatively little information and weaving it into a story which keeps fear at bay, or at least to manageable proportions – to make us feel as if we have a significant impact on the outcome of our existence.

Scientists explain that primitive religions began thus, with sacrifices and the creation of gods who – though powerful to control the elements – could be influenced or mollified through sacrifices and worship. These beliefs were bolstered by the confluence of desires and occurrences which, from the perspective of the scientist, were manipulated by the power-hungry to represent cause and effect.

And yet atheist scientists do not see that – with relatively little information on a cosmic scale – they have created but another story of creation which they were content to call a theory for a while, but now insist to be the only reality … even though it contradicts their own rubric of empiricism.

After about a quarter century of denial while we warmed ourselves around the fire of the First Industrial Revolution, we begin to realize that we a ecological and environmental primitives compared to Neanderthal – the species we eclipsed and probably murdered – and that the blaze of technology burns out of control, fed by the wrong fuel – greed and hydrocarbons.

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Absorb the wild and the wonderful – my contribution being a bit of both and then some, with a swipe at literary regurgitation – Best’s Cellar

Steam Powered Dream Machines

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Who am I mosaic

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